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Sculptor | Residential Designer | Painter

A Residential Designer, with over 30 years of experience in designing custom kitchens and millwork. I have designed numerous showhomes, lotto homes, and hundreds of private residences. I am passionate about creating beautiful and functional living spaces, and I achieve this by balancing precise space planning and drafting techniques with the creative use of color and materials.


My bespoke interiors have been recognized in magazines and coffee table books for their unique and innovative style. Apart from being a designer, I am also a painter. I have had formal art training in the History of Art, Anatomy, and Material Arts, and I mainly work with acrylics. I enjoy exploring different subjects such as landscapes, hyper-realistic glass art, and abstract art.


My abstract works experiment with a free-flowing technique and minimal brushwork. In contrast, other works showcase a broad range of painting techniques, achieving everything from realistic to moody atmospheres. My sculptures are inspired by the beauty found in aged, patinated, and worn objects. I draw inspiration from the Japanese art of Wabi Sabi, where I hope to inspire viewers to see the beauty in the transient things in life, and to embrace the imperfect and impermanence of all things.


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