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Jacqui Keseluk


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Jacqui Keseluk’s oil paintings mainly consist of Canadian wildlife. She focuses on capturing the essence of the animal in its most natural state and portraying that beauty on canvas. She attempts to bring the wild indoors so that nature can be enjoyed and observed from within the home. As a nature lover and hunter, she realizes with today’s hectic society, a lot people are so far removed from their roots, impacting them on a deep level; she believes it is important to have the ability to connect with nature, even if it is through artwork.

From a young age, Jacqui has always been creative and has worked with a variety of mediums. Graduating from Culinary Arts and receiving her Pastry Arts certificate in her early 20’s, she worked as a pastry chef which she viewed as an art form in and of itself.

It wasn’t until 2019 that she began experimenting with oil painting. She had inherited a wooden artist box, handmade by her grandfather as a gift for her grandmother, which still contained paints and brushes. Without any prior experience or training she made the transition from using acrylic paint to oil and never looked back.

A year later she drove across the country from Nova Scotia to British Columbia at the age of 31 with her Border Collie, ‘Wolf’, and it was on this exciting adventure that she became more inspired than ever to create art which reflects the beauty of Canadian wildlife and share it with others.

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