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“Wet-plate is of a different era, a different sense of time.

Time slows.

Sometimes to a meditative state.

It has a pulse and rhythm all its own.

It engages the maker and the subject.

One’s presence is required.

It is primitive and difficult.

An authentic experience.”

- Robert Kenney




Robert Kenney is a photographic artist living and working in Oliver, Canada. Using early 19th Century wet plate collodion process he creates ethereal, haunting images on glass and aluminum plates.


Typically, wet plate was and is currently used primarily as a documentarian tool. Robert has chosen to step outside this approach of making an image of “what is there” to explore a less substantiated inner process. Using artifice and a refined sensibility to create images that challenge our self perceptions and allude to a larger creative and spiritual potential. He is deeply drawn to the sublime creative beauty of nature as a living, organic and divinely feminine force.

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