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While Ron has dabbled in art throughout his life, he only started actively painting upon
retirement. His passion is landscapes. He is captivated the drama revealing itself through color,
shapes, light and shadow in nature. Ron recently discovered the use of discarded materials as canvas when he found some scrap sheet metal while hiking. He carefully selects the proper shape and color of metal to suit his favorite subjects; classic cars and local birds. To add to the upcycled theme, he resaws weathered fence and barn boards, wooden picking ladders into unique frames.


Ron is currently the President of the local chapter of the Federation of Canadian Artists and is
actively involved in the art community of Penticton. Born in Princeton, moved to Alberta at an early age and came back to make a home in the Okanagan in 1992. He has travelled widely over Canada, the United States, Europe the Middle East and South Africa. His blended family has four children, eight grandchildren and three great grandchildren who reside in Nanaimo, Grande Prairie and Moncton.

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